Dedicated to doing good

The NSB Foundation conducts research to assess community need and to identify potential non-profit partners. In particular, the Foundation supports Vermont based efforts focused around issues such as poverty relief, workforce development, the environment, aging in place, literacy, financial literacy, housing, homelessness, food, fuel, transportation, and more. When considering an area of need or partnership, the Foundation is deliberate, focused, and thorough in its assessment to ensure significant results can be achieved given the amount of time and money to be invested.

Financial literacy has long been a primary area of support of Northfield Savings Bank. We believe better financial literacy is a path to self-assurance, steady employment, housing, and effective use of money tools. Plus it has a ripple effect from which we all benefit.

As part of Northfield Savings Bank’s continued commitment to improving financial literacy, the NSB Foundation made a 3-year, $450,000 investment in improving financial literacy in Central Vermont and Chittenden County. Through this effort, Vermont’s two largest community action agencies, Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity (CVOEO) and Capstone Community Action (Capstone), are receiving the funding to build stronger skills and independence.

CVOEO’s “Growing Money” and Capstone’s “Savings & Credit” programs focus on the essential elements of building or restoring financial stability. Through these programs, participants access:

  • Financial literacy workshops
  • Personal financial counseling
  • Budgeting education
  • Credit coaching

Plus, they acquire the necessary tools for understanding investing, retirement, tax planning, and insurance. At the same time, they are offered incentives that provide matched savings accounts for the purposes of obtaining housing, starting a small business, or continuing education and training.

With NSB Foundation funds, CVOEO and Capstone resources were able to expand with additional dedicated staff and tools to bolster their current programs.

For more information on the programs offered through CVOEO and Capstone, please visit and

The NSB Foundation does not accept requests for donations; however, you may request a donation from Northfield Savings Bank’s Community Giving Program.