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NSB proudly supports recent BBA Business Summit

Time: 1:00pm Location:
Burlington, VT
Team NSB at BBA Business Summit
Team NSB at the BBA Business Summit


Burlington Business Association (BBA) recently held a Business Summit focusing on local public safety challenges.  The afternoon event hosted by Main Street Landing brought together leaders from throughout the City, representing business, non-profit, and local government to think through viable solutions that balance the needs of Burlington’s most vulnerable community members with the need to maintain vibrancy in our downtown.

Kicking off the event were some key data points and their impact on individuals, businesses, and communities across the country.  Presenters from West Coast cities facing similar public safety issues shared different solutions and models that have improved conditions in their communities.

Following the presentations, attendees were invited to join one of several focus groups to explore how to better understand and apply elements of the West Coast models, envisioning Burlington’s future with a healthy housing market, how we might work with State Government to address the complex challenges, leveraging resources to address downtown crime, public spaces, and defining a downtown work experience that meets future needs.

The BBA Business Summit aims to inform BBA members and the community about current events, challenges, and opportunities that impact Burlington’s economic vitality, with the 2024 event highlighting Burlington’s Public Safety issues and exploring opportunities to address them.

As Presenting Sponsor of the event, Northfield Savings Bank congratulates the BBA on this year’s Summit and is proud to be a member of Burlington’s business community.