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Northfield Savings Bank expands focus on Government Banking

Northfield Savings Bank (NSB) is excited to announce the expansion of our Enterprise Banking Department to encompass Government Banking. The department will continue to serve small to intermediate business banking relationships, as well as a growing number of government entities including cities and towns, school and utility districts, and state-related entities.

Leading the department is Megan Cicio, NSB’s Senior Vice President of Enterprise and Government Banking.

“Northfield Savings Bank has a long history of supporting the needs of government entities, and we’re excited to officially reflect our capabilities to serve this important sector of the Vermont economy,” Cicio said.

Cicio leads a strong team of seven to serve Enterprise and Government Banking:

  • Kathy LaCross, VP – Enterprise and Government Banking
  • Marsha Wimble, VP – Enterprise and Government Banking
  • Billy St. Louis, Enterprise and Government Banking Officer
  • Andrea Wolak, VP – Enterprise and Government Banking Services
  • Hollianne Borthwick, Enterprise Cash Management Representative
  • Mily Cardenas, Enterprise Cash Management Representative
  • Erin Jenkins, Enterprise Cash Management Representative

NSB continues to focus on building sustainable and local funding sources not only for Enterprise and Government Banking, but also for Commercial Banking, Community Banking and Mortgage Banking.

As Vermont’s largest local bank, we present this fortified lineup to further our commitment to building relationships, making products and services of value, and doing what it takes to deliver.


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