At Northfield Savings Bank, we go above and beyond to give you 100% of the local, personal bank you want, plus, we donate 10% of profits to Vermont community organizations.  In disbelief, some skeptics may say, "When pigs fly!"  But this is where pigs fly, every day. 


When pigs fly, no dream is too big. Northfield Savings Bank, where pigs fly every day.

The Skinny Pancake spreads the love locally, through local ingredients and local banking. Watch to see how they are helping to make pigs fly, every day.

Creating ten days of music and dancing in the streets of one of the most vibrant cities in the country? When pigs fly. Northfield Savings Bank, proud to be the presenting sponsor of the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival.

"When pigs fly" means making everything we do about our customers.

A community bank making a difference? When pigs fly. Northfield Savings Bank, where pigs fly, every day.

Where pigs fly and monsters bank!

Mortgages made easy? When pigs fly.

When pigs fly, Vermont gymnasts soar.

When pigs fly, dirt floors become two stores.

When pigs fly, a Vermont bank donates 10% of earnings to Vermont non-profits.

At Northfield Savings Bank you're more than just a number.

When pigs fly, a bank exceeds Vermonters' expectations.