In early 2012, the NSB Foundation announced ReSOURCE had been selected as its new community partner, with initiatives to take place at both the Burlington and Barre sites.  Before selecting ReSOURCE as its grant recipient, the NSB Foundation conducted an extensive community needs assessment and thoroughly examined areas in need of support. 

 Through this partnership, ReSOURCE is committed to:

  • Distributing more essential goods to those affected by poverty
  • Expanding the YouthBuild job skills training for disadvantaged youth
  • Weatherizing more homes for low and moderate income Vermonters
  • Constructing and/or renovating affordable housing
  • Reducing landfill waste by repurposing waste products into saleable products

All of these important initiatives result in a simultaneous reduction in poverty and an increase in environmental quality due to a reduction in landfill waste and energy usage, the repurposing of would-be waste products into saleable or free products, and the economic empowerment of YouthBuild graduates.

For more information on the programs offered through ReSOURCE, please visit

The NSB Foundation is not accepting requests for donations, however, to request a donation from Northfield Savings Bank’s community giving program, please visit our Community Giving page.