As a mutual bank, Northfield Savings Bank does not pay a dividend to shareholders.  Instead, we elect to pay a "community dividend" through our commitment to donate 10% of annual earnings to local non-profit organizations.

Simply by banking with us, you help make Vermont a better place to live and work. Thank you for helping make this community dividend possible.

In 2015, Northfield Savings Bank contributed $483,000 to more than 220 non-profit organizations in Vermont.

Financial Donations

Other Donations

Donation Guidelines

Donation Application and Review Calendar


Financial Donations

Northfield Savings Bank donates to non-profit community organizations in many ways:

  • Branch donations: These tend to be in the $25 to $250 range, and are specific to a particular branch's community. Request these from your local Branch Manager.
  • Community Gift donations: These tend to be in the $500 to $1500 range, with a handful ranging up to $2,000. These are distributed during a quarterly review process and are intended to serve the broader community we serve -- Central Vermont and Chittenden County. To apply, please download our Donations Application Kit.
  • Employee Matching program: We support employees in their community service efforts by offering a 100% matching donation of up to $1,000 per employee, per year to eligible non-profit organizations.

NSB Foundation: There is no public application process for the NSB Foundation. Following an in-depth study of other philanthropic models around the country, the NSB Foundation initiated a multi-year, single-issue funding focus in an effort to create long-term results. The Foundation's first partner was Hunger Free Vermont (formerly known as Vermont Campaign to End Childhood Hunger), and the focus was to expand access to healthy meals in Central Vermont and Chittenden County.

The NSB Foundation conducts research to assess community need and to identify potential non-profit partners. Community issues considered by the NSB Foundation include poverty relief, workforce development, environment, aging in place, literacy, financial literacy, housing, homelessness, food, fuel, transportation, and more. Thorough and deliberate contemplation is a priority for the NSB Foundation when selecting an issue and partner to ensure significant results can be achieved given the amount of time and money to be invested.

In 2015, the NSB Foundation announced CVOEO and Capstone Community Action had been selected as its new community partner for the next multi-year grant, with initiatives to take place in Central Vermont and Chittenden County. There is no public application process for the NSB Foundation, however, organizations may apply for a donation from Northfield Savings Bank using our Donations Application Kit.

Other Donations

  • Northfield Savings Bank donates used computer equipment, office equipment and furniture to Vermont community organizations.
  • Northfield Savings Bank Founders Award: Established in 1993 in honor of the Reverend Edward J. Bourns, Ph.D., 5th president of Norwich University from 1850-1865 and founder of the Northfield Savings Bank in 1867. The scholarship is awarded to a Norwich University student with demonstrated financial need who lives within the service communities of the Bank. Contact Kristin Dodge, Norwich University 485-2282.
  • Northfield Savings Bank/Norwich University Scholarship: Established in 1994 by Northfield Savings Bank and the Norwich University alumni and Vermont business leaders, the scholarship is awarded to two Norwich University students who live in the service area of the Northfield Savings Bank. Contact Kristin Dodge, Norwich University 485-2282.

Donation Guidelines

As a community financial institution, Northfield Savings Bank has a responsibility to support organizations and activities contributing to the economic and social well being of the Vermont communities we serve.

Our Charitable Giving Policy is designed as a guide for the selection of recipients, and to establish the breadth and scope of contributions. It also provides a framework to assure the fair and objective evaluation of funding candidates.

Northfield Savings Bank will

  1. Contribute to charitable or non-profit organizations with a 501(c)3 designation, not to individuals.
  2. Contribute to Vermont-based nonprofit organizations serving the needs of and benefiting people living within its service area of Central Vermont and Chittenden County.
  3. Give priority to programs meeting the human service and housing needs of low to moderate income individuals, and programs supporting job development.
  4. Consider the severity of need, the level of funding available from other sources and the likelihood the requested donation will help accomplish desired outcomes.

Northfield Savings Bank generally will not contribute to:

  1. Multi-year capital facility or endowment campaigns
  2. National charities
  3. Municipalities or subdivisions thereof, such as school districts and recreation departments
  4. Private schools (pre-school, primary and secondary)
  5. Special interest groups such as political, labor, religious, fraternal, veterans lobbying organizations
  6. Multiple requests within the same calendar year

Generally, organizations and activities meeting the established criteria will fall into the following categories:

  1. Human services
  2. Education
  3. Job development
  4. Housing
  5. Programs for at-risk or low to moderate income individuals and families
  6. Performing arts and cultural activities
  7. Environmental and preservation

Donation Application and Review Calendar

Northfield Savings Bank will accept written requests only. Complete applications will be reviewed on a quarterly basis according to the schedule below.

Applicants will be notified in writing of approval or denial, according to the schedule below. Due to the volume of requests we receive, we kindly ask for your patience. Follow up phone calls only cause further delay in the process because it may result in your application being pulled out of the file to review with you, and then re-filed at the bottom of the queue.

Click here to download the Donation Application Kit which includes the Application Form.

Applications ReceivedApproval or Denial Letters Mailed to Applicants
October 1 - December 31 January 31
January 1 - March 31 April 31
April 1 - June 31 July 31
July 1 - September 31 October 31