eNSB Expanded Features include...

Over the years NSB has added many additional features to eNSB. Our online banking program lets you do more than just check your balance or pay  bills.

Bank-2-Bank Transfers: (July, 2012) This feature provides the opportunity to transfer funds between your checking and savings accounts at NSB and your deposit accounts at other financial institutions.

This feature is available for consumers only.

eFinance (July, 2012) eFinance is an online financial management tool which allows you to track accounts and categorize transactions; retain and review account, transaction, budget and goal history; track toward a budget/savings goals; and monitor activity through alerts. In addition you will be able to aggregate data from more than 12,000 sources, including banks, credit unions, investments, retirement, insurance, credit card, mortgage and annuities allowing you to have a complete view of your financial picture and enjoy a "virtual" bank experience.

Click here to download the eFinance User Guide.

QuickBooks and Quicken Direct Connect (September, 2012): Customers who use Intuit software (QuickBooks and Quicken) can now upload transactions, such as eBillpayments and transfers between NSB accounts, right from their software into eNSB. To sign up for this free eNSB service, contact the Call Center at 800-672-2274. Please note the cutoff time for certain transactions, such as eBillpay and transfers between accounts, is controlled by Intuit and may be different than those of eNSB.

PIN Expiration and PIN Self Reset: (March, 2012) eNSB has always been a safe, secure way to access your information and we are constantly looking for ways to make it even better. 

More and more experts believe periodically changing your PIN (password) is a best practice for online banking. eNSB requires users to change their PIN twice a year.  We recognize this may be an inconvenience for some users and we apologize.  However, the security of your financial information is our number one priority and this  requirement will lead to  more secure access to your accounts.

If an incorrect PIN is entered three times in a row, eNSB locks out access.  A  feature called PIN Self Reset allows customers who have previously created a series of security questions and answers will be able to reset their own PIN should their eNSB account accidentally be locked.

To set up your question and answer, login to eNSB, select Personal Options and then Login and Security Options.

More eStatements and Notices: (February 2012) NSB now offers quarterly CD statements, telephone transfer confirmations and overdraft notices as eStatements.  To set up eStatements for your CD account, login to eNSB and click on the eDocuments tab, sign up/changes.

Online Banking Rewards: (November, 2011) This program presents you with money-saving opportunities and cash incentives from your favorite retailers and merchants.  It also analyzes your monthly bills and presents money-saving alternatives*.  This great  feature is seamlessly delivered within your secure online banking session.  Rewards will be presented on the transactions page next to all qualified transactions.  Just click on the little green price tag when ever you see it.

There are two primary reward types:

  • Purchase Rewards: Provides money-saving discounts from the country's leading retailers - such as department stores, restaurants, specialty stores, etc.
  • Bill Analyzer: Allows you to do a personalized search and find money-saving recommendations on important monthly expenses such as your cell phone bill, TV service, gas fill-ups, etc.

*Rest assured we never share your personal information.  This program is 100% secure, just like the rest of your online banking account.

Customized Login ID: (November, 2011) Did you know eNSB users are able to customize their eNSB ID instead of using the long number we assign?  This feature is available by clicking the Personal Options tab.  New eNSB users, and anyone who has their password reset by NSB, will be automatically prompted at login to choose a customized eNSB ID.  For security reasons, we suggest picking something unique to you, like the name of your first pet.  Do not select something everyone might know, like your birthday.